We are 20 Sided Stories, an improvised comedy podcast where a small group of tight-knit actor friends dive into your favorite worlds and genres, improvising an immersive, unscripted story in 16 episodes or less.

But there’s a twist. Sage, Jess, and Travis use a tabletop role playing game—and a variety of guests—to keep them on their toes, where every dice roll can completely change the direction of the story. The sound design is unparalleled, the comedy is side-splitting, and the game rules are original and easy to follow.

Every series of this anthology is completely unrelated, so pick one that speaks to you and press play!


20 Sided Stories is

Jessica Dahlgren

Performer / Producer

Jessica is an actress based in Los Angeles and the Bay Area. She is a graduate of Stella Adler’s Art of Acting Studio’s 2-Year Professional Conservatory in LA. Jessica is a proud Hufflepuff, Aries Sun & Moon, Libra Rising, and a dogmom. She included her zodiac here to make Sage’s eyes roll.

Sage G.C.

Director / Sound / Producer

Sage works in Game Cinematics by day and makes weird things like 20 Sided Stories by night. Pursuing the idea that great stories are told through great game design, he has a love for all things interactive and immersive, and rarely goes to sleep before 3am.

Travis Reaves

Performer / Producer

Travis is an animation writer and musician living in Los Angeles. He’s not particularly good at either but he definitely lives in Los Angeles. Travis has a deep love for comedy, basketball and Rutt’s Hawaiian Cafe in Culver City. Please recommend him new music, as he consumes it like vitamins.


Show Contributors

A Note From the Director

Sage G.C. probably over-explaining some thing.

Sage G.C. probably over-explaining some thing.

Hey all. My name is Sage G.C. I’m in charge of Direction, Editing, Sound Design, and Music.

I created this podcast with fellow Californian improvisers in hopes of bringing tabletop role-playing and immersive group storytelling to new heights.

I just wanted to thank you for being here. I don’t know how you stumbled upon our little show, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude by how far 20 Sided Stories has come. It is entirely thanks to people like you who, whether by means of expressing curiosity or trusting the recommendation of a friend, gave this piece of independent media some time and attention. The Pokemon campaign in particular tread awesome new ground with listener-ship and creative fulfillment and I will be cherishing it for quite some time. You’re all heroes.

Feel free to explore the site and back-log, or hit us up on Twitter with whatever. We love that stuff.

Thanks again.


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