No one remembers how the old world ended. 

Buildings are toppled. Ash and fog flood the skies. With dry, blistering days and long, cold nights, entire cities lay beneath the rising tide, and long lost is the world's most valuable commodity: Trust. 

The Island called Angel has been found. Ravagers are on their way. And thus three barely competent survivors have only a few days to gather supplies and find a new home.

A gritty post-apocalyptic survival story with Wild West themes, Macabreverse explores a melancholic atmosphere performed in contrast by comedic improvisers. It utilizes an original RPG system called “The One System” that forces players to take risks and bet with their dice rolls, often followed by punishing outcomes and a party pitted against each other.

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Meet The Angels.
Though the post-apocalyptic wasteland most often seems completely void of life, there are pockets of survivors who somehow find a way. An island called Angel has been safe and untouched by the violence of outside for many years. This all changed when a hunter named CD never came back, and a drifter named Dallas showed up at the front door instead. The secret is out, and Proctor Balis has tasked three survivors to go out and gather what’s needed for a full migration. The Angels need a new home.

Sammy Tombstone

Doctor of Angel Island.
Favors a Shotgun.
Loves taking risks but generally rolls horribly.

Might: 19
Agility: 41
Endurance: 27

Perception: 85
Intellect: 82
Willpower: 80

Cunning: 90
Charisma: 8
Confidence: 65

Dallas Porter

Drifter and Loving father.
Favors pistols.
Pretty OP with survival skills, but not very bright.

Might: 81
Agility: 93
Endurance: 91

Perception: 18
Intellect: 21
Willpower: 6

Cunning: 94
Charisma: 84
Confidence: 96

Darby McManis

Trader of Angel Island.
Favors an AR-15.⠀
Very Charismatic. Lots of heart. Easily frightened.

Might: 4
Agility: 39
Endurance: 47

Perception: 72
Intellect: 83
Willpower: 51

Cunning: 84
Charisma: 99
Confidence: 39


Character Art by Josh Wolf






The music and story take place in a post apocalyptic world stylized like the wild west, exploring themes of death, decay, family, loyalty, religion, purpose, knowledge, and survival. 

This soundtrack was made FAST. Much of it is improvised, and thus should not be looked at as a polished record. More so, an emotional result of translating scene to sound, experimental and almost as in-the-moment as the improvised source material itself. 

There are few alterations and most clips have been derived directly from the episodes of which they were written to. Much less are the tracks here full "songs" but rather pieces that accompany a greater whole. 

My purpose to include them here for you however, is to exemplify that sum parts of the machine can often operate on their own. I am finding hidden nuggets on this soundtrack that I forgot I had written or recorded, much like when revisiting an old video tape or photograph. 

More developed versions of the motifs you'll find here are to come with the future of The Macabreverse.




The One System

Coming Soon