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The production value of top-notch Audio Drama
The laughter and spontaneity of Comedic Improv
The depth, surprise, & teamwork of TableTop RPG's

Combine all this and you get 20 SIDED STORIES, a highly immersive actual-play anthology created by award winning actors and improvisers, fully decked out with detailed sound design and an original music score. It's an enticing blend unlike any other. Extra pulp.

Each season we pick a world or genre we want to play in and explore. We then build a simple tabletop game to represent the rules of that world, and together come up with a group of characters that would live in that world. We then hit record and let the improv do the rest. So far we’ve done Post-Apocalyptic, Victorian Mystery, and a parody retelling of Pokemon.

Each series is completely unrelated to each other.
So pick something that speaks to you and dive in!


20 Sided Stories is not suitable for all ages.
This is mostly just because of swearing, and it can differ across each series & cast. But our stories are performed by adults and are, generally, for adult listeners.

A Note From the Director

Me, Sage G.C. probably over-explaining some thing.

Me, Sage G.C. probably over-explaining some thing.

Hey all. My name is Sage G.C. I’m in charge of Direction, Editing, Sound Design, and Music.

I created this podcast with fellow Californian improvisers in hopes of bringing tabletop role-playing and immersive group storytelling to new heights. By day I work in the video games industry as a Cinematic Artist and by night I create weird things like 20 Sided Stories.

I just wanted to thank you for being here. I don’t know how you stumbled upon our little show, but I am overwhelmed with gratitude by how far 20 Sided Stories has come. It is entirely thanks to people like you who, whether by means of expressing curiosity or trusting the recommendation of a friend, gave this piece of independent media some time and attention. The Pokemon campaign in particular tread awesome new ground with listener-ship and creative fulfillment and I will be cherishing it for quite some time. You’re all heroes.

Feel free to explore the site and back-log, or hit us up on Twitter with whatever. We love that stuff.

Thanks again.


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