Bonus Episodes

Lasers & Feelings


You are now entering The Raptor; Starship for the Consortium, helmed by the notorious Captain Darcy, and currently at its worst. It has been two days of chaos. Members of the crew have been disappearing, and now it seems the whole ship has been taken over by a mysterious, psychic entity known only has Something Else. Most of the crew has either fled through escape pods, killed themselves, or vanished without a trace. And now it seems too that Captain Darcy is overcome by Something Else. As far as we know there are only three surviving members left...

Jer'q Lightfighter. Saavy Envoy.
Mr. Andromeda Riddles. Android Explorer.
Cressida Vega. Alien Scientist.

All the rules for Lasers and Feelings fit on one beautifully designed page by John Harper of One Seven Design.

You can get the soundtrack for free here.



Pokemon: Pen & Paper Version
Bonus Episodes


Halloween Special 2018
Featuring Chad Ellis of Station Blue


Dream Police: Kanto’s Most Wanted
International Podcast Month Bonus Minisode

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The Catacombs

Our top secret archive of off-shoots, character building sessions, cut buckets, improv scenes, and more.

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